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Press Excerpt from Music Industry News Network 2006 

L.A.'s hippest Rabbi attempts to reach a higher plane of spirituality by delivering his religious message through the blessing of music.

Los Angeles area Rabbi, Jason Van Leeuwen aka Reb Jason has embarked on an ambitious mission to spread his gospel of peace and harmony through music in the form of his debut CD release, "Shabbat Rocks" available at www.rebjason.com. He realized the positive impact he could have on people by telling stories through music. His vision led him to the multi- talented Rebbe Soul who lends his guitar shredding to the CD and to percussion master and engineer Dave Haddad who ripped through the drums on "Shabbat Rocks" and engineering the project in his Los Angeles area studio, "The Womb". (www.davehaddad.com)

​Says Rabbi van Leeuwen, "I am very excited about the response I have been getting from those in my congregation who know me and appreciate the passion I have for music and religion. The good feelings that music gives people translates into hope and better understanding of the world we live in and helps us to deal with the problems we face daily. As a Rabbi, it is my duty to find ways of connecting with people on this very spiritual level." Reb Jason enjoyed a stay at #1 in the World Charts on MP3.com in Australia. His hope is to reach out to as many people as possible with his spiritual blend of upbeat religious based tunes, but with a modern approach. Take a listen and decide for yourself. His music leaves you with a feeling of hope and inspiration in today's world.

Contact the Rabbi via email:  Rebjason@BnaiHayim.com

"Reb Jason" van Leeuwen joined Temple B'nai Hayim as Spiritual Leader in 2012, and also serves as its Hazzan!  With a 20-year proven track record of compelling spiritual vision and passion for teaching and studying sacred texts, "Reb Jason" creatively makes ancient works come alive.

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Infusing sermons with humor and gravitas in conversational style, he also brings his talent as a recognized vocalist, guitarist, and composer. His first CD, "Shabbat Rocks" had 4 tracks shoot to the top 5 in mp3.com Australia's World Music charts. Reb Jason’s community outreach includes the production of a fundraising concert for victims of 911, the start of a temporary housing program for migrant workers on Long Island, and serving as President of an LA Neighborhood Council.  In addition to his experience as a Rabbi and cantor, he was involved in the theater, having been an actor, director, producer, and composer in numerous community productions. Born in Syracuse, New York, the son of a Dutch Jewish father and a Daughter of the American Revolution, Reb Jason was ordained by the Jewish Theological Seminary and holds a BA Degree from the University of Judaism. He is the father of two children.